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A successful bet requires a quick grasp and memory of statistics, a good understanding of current situations and trends, and an even better ability to combine these factors to predict the future.

And, no kidding, even with all these, luck is the reigning factor. Which is why the jackpot will not be won by the guy who knows all statistics of the Uzbekistan league; sometimes it will swing in favour of the girl who cannot understand why everyone is making fun of Chelsea.

Ever noted how some guys are just lucky than the rest of us? Those who always skipped class but were somehow present on the day roll-call was made? Well, in the spirit of ‘ask the experts’ we have a team of folks with a combination of these factors working to bring you the best betting advice; we suspect betting houses will soon be complaining.

For the best betting tips, be sure to drop by every time you load your betting account. Operation sotesha betting houses!