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What next for Mourinho: Uncomfortable times at the Cobham

Abramovic emergency meeting could see Mou face the axe

It is one thing to put on a brave face in times of crisis, but anther entirely different art to keep the same face when the curtains come down and you retreat backstage.

Such must be the situation facing pressurized Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho every time he shows up at the club’s Cobham training ground.

While it is the responsibility of everyone at the club to project an image of stability every time they get in front of the cameras, behind closed doors there is no one to fool. If there is a rebellion, the boss has to face it head on. If there are injuries or discontent, he has to handle the dung without gloves.

Chelsea ranks have reiterated their ‘full support’ for their most successful manager. Not thatsuch statements are ever assurance for anything, but at least we can take it to the bank for the short erm, seeing as Mou was not shown the door even as he signed off for the interlull with a loss (Technically he didn’t as he had a stadium ban, but…) Roman Abramovich must be having some tough self-control lessons; some think he just hasn’t found a suitable replacement.

Whchever the case, The special one must come up with an even more special Plan B. The title defence seems long gone, top four already is an uphill task, and talk of a drop is already looking like more than just banter. Not a third of the season gone yet, so what are Mou’s options before it’s too late?

Buy buy buy

There’s a fast catching-on theory that Mourinho burns out players in two seasons. That is open to debate, but the proponents’ evidence is quickly piling up. But that is not the topic for now. Mou could take this as a hint, and bring in a number of reinforcements to correct things.

Actually, Mou reportedly tried this, but his requests were rebuffed by Roman. Could the buck be stopping with the Russian after all? Could guilt be the reason he has avoided kicking out the three time UCL winner?

May be, maybe not. But there’s no buying until January, so a shorter term plan to grind results for around eight fixtures is required. Even so, there’s little quality to buy in January, so, some more grinding plan still.

Downsize some seniors

Remember Frankeinstein? That character whose creator was excited to bring to life but he kept growing and growing until he couldn’t be controlled anymore. He eventually killed his maker.

Looks like some of Jose’s senior players are going down this route. Talks of dressing room revolt are a smoke that can’t really be without fire. It has happened before at Chelsea, during Villas-Boas time. Not something Mou has been known too take, but he just might have erred this time.


Get lost: Eden Hazard reacts to Jose Mourinho's instruction at a past match.
Get lost: Eden Hazard reacts to Jose Mourinho’s instruction at a past match. There have been allegations of a dressing room row between the coach and some playersFab Mou

Look here: Mourinho gives instructions to Cesc Fabregas. Claims have also surfaced of the Spaniard being at the head of a player revolt against Mourinho.

Jose’s cheering of Costa’s dirty play appears to have driven the Spaniard too far down that road; now he doesn’t even want to score anymore. Just dirty, dirty and some more dirty. And cards, and bans, and fines.

Diego Costa reacts during a past match. The striker has been at the center of Chelsea's on pitch drama
Diego Costa reacts during a past match. The striker has been at the center of Chelsea’s on pitch drama

It just might be the right time to cut  some seniors down to size. SAF benched Ruud van Nistelrooy when the Duthchman was top of the scoring charts. You have to assert your authority as a manager!

Play the youngsters

According to an article on express.co.uk in late September, Mourinho had warned his first team that he would turn to the juniors if the season took a bad turn. That was when the first signs of a bad season were seen.

Said Mou, “I explained to the players that when the situation is open I have to do both things – to try and prepare the kids for their future and at the same time to try and bring the best out of the other players, the players with more stability and experience.”

“But if the season goes in one direction that it becomes closed, and we can’t win, I will go just with the kids.

“It makes no sense when you have nothing to win to play the older players. I’ll play the players we’re waiting for instead.”

“I can arrive in a moment where I will look to the kids and say, ‘let’s go, non-stop.’ I am ruthless.” Read full article HERE

Makes a lot of sense, no? May be its time to show that ruthlessness…what is it they say about the club and the individual again?

Kennedy is already playing, then again I hear Loftus-Cheek is doing wonders for the under 21s. This could be by far the best course of action.






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