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Midweek Action Brings ECL 2019/20 Round 1 to Conclusion

Plaayers on the bench
FC Inter Dunga Dunga player follow the action during the first leg of the ECL 2018 season. The second leg kicks off this Sunday. | Photo: Mugambi Muriuki

The first round of the Embu County League (ECL) 2019/20 season came to a close with an exciting 1-1 draw at Kaathari grounds on Wednesday. The fixture pitting home side Kisimani and their neighbours to the south Kigumo (Shaolin FC) showed flashes of the brilliance we should expect this season.

The match had been postponed from the previous weekend given both sides were in tournament action. Area MNA Eric Muchangi Karemba-sponsored ball activity was kicking off on the same weekend as the ECL, hence the postponement.

Goalless Kick-Start

Earlier, newly incorporated EWASCO (Embu Water) had opened the season’s action with a visit to Nembure grounds on Jamhuri Day. The action against home side Gaturi ended in a goalless draw. However, it was not short of quality either.

The goalless opener did not, however, give a correct prediction of things to come. Goals came in a flood over the weekend, the highlight being Triumph’s 6-0 win over Runyenjes on the former’s return to the County League. It showed that their hard luck in the Division II league has not in any way dimmed their spirit.

Full Round One Results

  1. Gaturi 0-0 EWASCO
  2. Kairuri 4-1 Rungu
  3. Kirimari 5-0 Yatte
  4. S.A Manyatta 0-4 3K
  5. Kaa Ngumu 2-3 Juventus
  6. Runyenjes 0-6 triumph
  7. Gaturi 3-0 Rukira
  8. Kisimani 1-1 Kigumo

What next?

The league is now ell and truly underway, and already promising to be lit. The next round of fixtures will be played starting Sunday 29th December when 3K is epected to host Ewasco at Kagumori. The defending champions will be looking to show continued dominance against a highly-rated newcomer side. Kisimani vs Kirimari might be postponed if the former are still in the Karemba Tournament.

The round will then spill into the new year with other hot matches lined up for the first weekend. keep it One9 for timely, accurate updates of the ECL 2019/20.


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