Slow start as two teams grant walkovers on first day of ECL Second leg + Current standings

The second leg of the Embu County League got off to a slow start as two teams failed to honour their fixtures on Sunday. Kithimu One did not show up at their own home ground, handing Man U an easy three points that saw them go top on the standings log.

Kathanjuri also failed to show up at Muragari making it an effortless a maximum points for St. Lwanga. Reliable sources indicate the Kyeni South side may have abandoned the league completely. This would be the second time they have broken off halfway after they left at the same point last season citing financial constraints.

Lower Eastern FKF Secretary Njue Nyaga has expressed disappointment with the two sides and called on all sides to express commitment. Said Njue, “Kithimu wanted to postpone their game on Saturday, which is against the set rules of making postponement communications 72 hours priors to the set kick off time. The reason given that they had a team selection on Saturday was not convincing enough as they already knew they had a match on Saturday.”

“As for Kathanjuri, they have not officially communicated that they have dropped out. If it happens, it would be a big let-down because I had categorically berated them for leaving midway last season.”

Elsewhere, Dunga continued limping with a 1-1 draw against Black Cats at Njukiri Showground on Sunday. The result saw Team Dunga drop one place to position five, while Black cats climbed one place to eighth. They are already having a much better season than they had last year.

3K began the second chapter on a high with a 4-0 win on the road at Ugweri. The result saw them leapfrog Triumph into second position as the church side did not have a match on Sunday.

Faith Muchonoke were 2-0 winners at home against Mwamba to go above Inter in fourth position. A great match was blotted by a horrible injury to one Mwamba player. Patrick Mugendi, a striker, took a hit on the ribs in a tussle for an aerial ball and went down unconscious. He was rushed to Siakago hospital and later to Tenri Embu where he came to hours later.

Mwamba Coach Patrick Kariuki says the player is still under medication and is showing steady recovery. We hope he gets back up and back in the game as soon as yesterday.

We also do hope the league will gain the first leg spark despite the slow start.

On to the next one…

The second round of fixtures will be played on Sunday, 19th August. Kangami will host Triumph, Dunga will be at Njukiri against Mwamba, Black Cats play Man U at Moi Stadium While faith Welcome Yatte to Muchonoke.

Here are the standings after Sunday’s round of matches:

ECL Table
      ECL standings after the first match of 2018 second leg | OneTisa




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