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About OneTisa

OneTisa is the personal website of Mugambi Muriuki, who himself is often called by the same name – OneTisa. Mugambi is the one writing this, so it doesn’t really feel right that it is written in the third person.

This site is a merger of two sites- OneTisa Sports and Mboyablogger.wordpress.com. Rather than have people following me on different platforms, OneTisa brings it all in one place.

Here, I bleed my mind on the many things I write about- throwbacks, humor, sports, name it. I promise none of it will get mixed up though- no sports for pun lovers. No sports for story-come gang. Kevo, my developer, knows just how to make that possible.

If you see me speaking with brevity on Facebook and elsewhere, it’s not that I have matured. I just come and make noise here. Well, that’s about that, although I honestly feel like speaking endlessly.