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Timbitii overload archive, just for you


Since late 2015, we have been doing throwbacks on Thursday’s, just like everyone else. Lies.

Unlike everyone else.

Because we can’t get enough self-esteem to pose for pictures- or display those our parents had us pose for in the days of Kodak- we do our throwback in form of a story, mainly on Facebook.

Now, we noticed you like our stories, and we must say we are more than grateful. It really feels nice to be appreciated. Thank you.

Enough with the niceties and blushing.

We also noticed that Facebook is not that great at archiving. Once Thursday is gone catching up with a post is tedious. So we built this little granary, where you can come any day and read whatever story you want. Where you can send even kids to retrieve stuff for yo.

So, dear fans, this is specially yours, just for you.

Also, we know everyone has a story, and we would really love to hear and publish yours. About anything really….growing up, school, being beaten with slippers, being sent back where darkness found you, college times, work trips….anything.

Just drop them in the box, mboyasworld@gmail.com or samuelkariuki@gmail.com. Not to worry about grammar and stuff, we’ll do the editing for your.

Lanes, people, lanes. See you in the memory one!


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